Our Experts

Rob Pilger



Rob was a competitive Amateur boxer winning three golden glove championships. He has been involved in boxing, as a fighter, then trainer for 16 years. His Amateur training experience consists of being assistant trainer at three national golden glove tournaments and many other state tournaments, fight shows. Rob has been a strength/conditioning consultant to top national champion fighters. Rob also works with professional fighters as a skill and strength/conditioning coach.

He has interned with, studied, and taken seminars with some of the biggest names in strength/conditioning. Rob is a CHEK Level II Practitioner, Level II USA Boxing Coach, and Licensed Pro Boxing Trainer.

Alwyn Cosgrove







Alwyn is a Tae kwon-do international champion and has utilized his personal experience as an athlete and combined it with the advanced theories of European Sports Science and the principles of modern strength and conditioning systems. He has worked with a wide variety of clientele, including several Olympic and national level athletes, five World Champions and professionals in a multitude of sports including boxing, martial arts, soccer, ice skating, football, fencing, triathlon, rugby, bodybuilding, dance and fitness competition.

Brent M. Callaway

Brent M. Callaway

Brent Callaway is Athletes’ Performance’s performance manager in Los Angeles where he oversees the coaching curriculum, staff performance, continuing education and product delivery to ensure a world-class experience for every athlete. Brent’s expertise lies in human performance, speed and multi-directional ability, coaching elite athletes on the intricacies of human movement across a broad spectrum of sports, including boxing, football, track and field, tennis, baseball and volleyball. No stranger to the camera, Brent’s been featured on TV networks and in print publications demonstrating his knowledge of the sports performance industry.

Prior to working for Athletes’ Performance, Brent served as regional director for Velocity Sports Performance in both San Diego and in Dallas, Texas. He’s led numerous educational sessions and lectures on topics ranging from injury prevention and speed mechanics to change of direction techniques and strength training.

Brent earned his bachelor of arts degree in exercise and sports science from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC. While in college, Brent served as captain of the men’s track and field team and was a five-time Atlantic Coast Conference Champion in the pole vault.


John Houston







John Houston began boxing at 14 and had highly successful amateur
career. He followed this by becoming a qualified amateur and
professional Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer. John now owns and runs
his own Boxing and Fitness centre in Oxfordshire, England, providing a
high level of training to clients who range from people using the
training principles of boxing for toning and fitness, to athletes
training for competition in boxing and other sports. 


Jim " Smitty" Smith


Smitty, a strength coach with the Diesel Crew, dedicates himself to studying, developing and enhancing athletic performance through the utilization of conventional, non-conventional and grip strength training protocols. Helping athletes of all skills levels attain their goals and “Achieve Beyond Potential”, Smitty is also an amateur strongman competitor, lecturer and author whose writings regularly appear on EliteFTS.com, TotalPerformanceSports.com, DragonDoor.com and many others.

Cem Eren 









Cem Eren is an amateur boxer on the verge of going pro. He is the owner of F.I.T.T.QUEST USA, a successful Personal Training studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Cem was born in Turkey and raised in Germany and has all the right tools to be a superior athlete. Cem is in top condition and extremely explosive. Weighing in at 5.8 and 200 lb he is a serious competitor in his field. His European philosophy and American schooling have made Cem the perfect coach for his Boxers.  Focusing on their conditioning and KO power.  Cem is currently studying kinesiology at A.S.U. and plans to graduate in 2009. Cem is friends with top experts in his field like Juan Carlos Santana. He is currently working with Arizona's top pro boxers Eric Vega, Raymundo Sugar Beltran and George Garcia and USBA  Cruiserweight title holder BJ Flores. He is also training many young boxers on their way to the Olympics and professional ranks.



Joe Rossi








Joe Rossi’s passion is to spread strength and condition training to the masses. His company, YESS Training is dedicated in putting “Hustle Behind the Muscle” for athletes at the high school, college, and professional level.

As a Strength and Condition Trainer for over 10 years, Joe has also been an Okinawian Goju-ryu practitioner for over 18 years earning himself a 1st Kyu ranking. With an Amateur Boxing Background, Joe has also trained and continues to work with Golden Gloves Champions in the Novice and Open Divisions as well with fighters at the amateur and professional level. Joe is a published author and has written numerous articles on the topic of strength and condition training for GNC, Vitamin Shop, and Alive Magazine. Besides running a successful business, Joe is set to graduate within the next year with a degree in Exercise Science/Sport Management.



  waterbury_pic_resize.jpgChad Waterbury









Chad Waterbury is a neurophysiologist and the director of strength and conditioning for the Rickson Gracie International Jiu-Jitsu Center in Los Angeles, CA. You can purchase his books, Muscle Revolution and the 10/10 Transformation at http://www.chadwaterbury.com/


 Steve Cotter







Steve Cotter is a world-renowned martial artist and strength and conditioning specialist. He is the creator of the highly acclaimed Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting, FullKOntact Kettlebells and various other training DVDs, and is considered by many to be the world’s authority on leg and deep stance training.  
A 2-time US National Full Contact Kuoshu (Kung Fu) Champion with 25 years of internal martial arts training, Steve draws from an extensive and diverse background as a champion athlete and cutting-edge trainer to develop some of the most complete and balanced strength and conditioning programs available.
Throughout his lifelong study, he has continued to research and implement the most effective training methods in the martial arts, chi gong, strength and conditioning, athletics and human performance fields. He constantly improves his skills and abilities to benefit, teach and motivate others, and has been hosted to teach seminars, clinics and instructor training courses in 20 countries through North American, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Steve is also the Director of the world’s leading program for kettlebell instructor development, the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation.  Mr. Cotter’s professional accreditations include:            o Director of International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (I.K.F.F.)           o Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) – NSCA           o Consultant to San Francisco and San Diego NFL Professional Football Teams           o Subject Matter Expert to prestigious Military and Law Enforecment agencies such as: US Navy SEALs (Virginia Beach), US Marines at Quantico Marines Corps Base, Las Vegas Metro Police Department           o Author of numerous best-selling instructional DVD Series           o 2 time US Full Contact Champion           o Team Member, USA National Kuoshu Team           o B.S. in Kinesiology, San Diego State University           o Honored Member of Princeton Premier               o Presenter for Kettlebell Training, NSCA Personal Trainer  and National Conferences      

  Giles Wiley CSCS










  Giles Wiley is the author of, “Five-Minute Flexibility – Rapid Releases for Tight & Tired Muscles” and is currently working on “The Secrets of Power Punching – Little Known Methods for Generating Earth Shaking Punching Power”.

Originally from England, Giles was nicknamed the Fitness Gentleman by his clients and colleagues for his refined approach to health, fitness and weight loss. Giles began his formal studies with 3 years of architecture and he now considers himself an architect of the human body. Former amateur boxer and South African National Taekwon-Do Champion, Giles’s passion for human performance has led him to return to University on a number of occasions to study subjects as diverse as sports massage and restoration techniques, physical-therapy, psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition. In his early twenties, Giles sold all of his belongings, shouldered his backpack and went on a pilgrimage to discover all he could about human performance. He spent over a decade traveling the world, working and studying with the best of the best in all aspects of martial arts, the healing arts and physical performance. Giles considers himself blessed to have studied with some of the greatest names ever in sports conditioning, healing and martial-arts. Including Mel Siff, Willie Toweel and Geoff Thompson… He fuses the ancient training techniques, principles and spirit of the fighting and healing arts with modern sports science and strength & conditioning techniques in order to create a strong lean body that performs as great as it looks! Giles’s approach uses few stationary machines and focuses on bodyweight-only exercises. His favorite tools are Kettlebells, balls and resistance bands. With over 15 years experience as a personal trainer and coach, Giles has worked with Olympic and world-class athletes, professional fighters, celebrities, multi-millionaires, Lords & Ladies, as well as weekend warriors. Giles has appeared in magazines and on television with his unique systems of exercise. He lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida with his wife, daughter and dog. He operates Fitness Together Mandarin, coaches clients online, and writes and produces exercise books and DVDs. Web site: www.thefitnessgentleman.com




Guy Jones

Guy Jones is a former British soldier. He saw operational service in Northern Ireland, the Gulf war, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Sierra Leone. He has been boxing since he joined the army in 1984. On leaving the army in 2003 he trained as a Personal trainer and Sports Therapist completing the Premier Global course at Oxford University in the United Kingdom in December of that year. He has since qualified as a Holistic lifestyle coach through the CHEK Institute and is a Chek exercise coach and aims to complete the further 4 levels of the Chek practitioner program within the next 4 years.

 He currently works as a ‘Holistic human development coach’ at the

Duffy Fitness Institute’

Located at 17891 sky park circle #F

Irvine CA 92614.

South of Los Angeles.

He is free to travel to you or better still go to him. The institute has all the equipment that you would ever require.

 He is also a qualified Massage and Sports therapist, specializing in deep tissue massage which encompasses active release, muscle energy techniques and neuro- muscular work. His work has taken him all over the world and he counts himself blessed to be doing what he does now because it is truly rewarding work, not just financially but also emotionally and spiritually too, which is a far cry from his former employment.

Coming soon you can contact him via his website www. Bornharder.com. or Duffyfitness.com. (Both still under construction).

Or directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Brian Fernie CSCC

Brian Fernie

Is the founder and Training director of T.O.D Coaching Ltd and K8bells.com; and is one of the UK's leading outdoor trainer's, he is the author of various books regarding fitness and conditioning, and is an expert author on various forums. He is a respected trainer, coach and athlete.

A certified MMA strength and conditioning coach, Master Personal Trainer, Extreme Kettlebell Instructor Functional Training specialist and Triathlon Coach he has coached people from all walks of life from busy mums to professional athletes.

Brian's background, knowledge and experience stem's from twelve years in the military in the renowned "Black Watch" regiment and his ten years a police officer both with the Metropolitan Police and Lothian and Borders and seventeen years in the fitness industry.

He has competed in martial arts, and triathlon gaining top twenty overall national rankings, he has competed at various levels in other sports inclusive of basketball, running and kettlebell sport.


Luke Calvert

Luke Calvert

Luke’s amateur boxing career has spanned 15 years and 75 bouts....so far! Troublesome hand injuries have restricted Luke to just two bouts in the past three years but prior to that, Luke (based in London, England) enjoyed successes including 2 National Titles at under 19 level, Representing England at International Level and he has boxed around the world, including six contest in the capital of the boxing, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whilst injured, Luke started his own website – BoxingCapital.com – which provides the latest boxing news and many other features such as Boxing Equipment Reviews, Boxing Training Articles, Boxing Betting Tips and Boxing Travel Advice for going to watch all the big fights.