Punch Mitt Training

Welcome to our punch Mitt Training section! Learn how to master the punch mitts with our training videos and articles. The punch mitts are an amazing tool when used correctly. Don't play patty cake with them like everyone else.. Instead learn how to use them the right way.

Round Punch Shield Training.

The round punch shield is a great tool to use to focus on certain punches like the jab and hook. It's great to strengthen the right hand as well. You can pair fighters/students up with it and get more work down with the different ways you can work it. Check it out now.

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Boxing Striking For Mma. Body Work With the Body Shield.

Body shots are very under used in mma. Watch how I work UFC fighter Matt Brown on the punch pads and punch shield!

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Breaking Down The Jab.

Think you know the jab? Coach Lamar ( Mr. Wright ) breaks it down and teaches you how to get more out of it and throw it like it's meant to be thrown.

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Body Shield Workout.

Here's a different and really good body shield I good from title boxing. You can work all kinds of combos on it, check it out!

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Think You Got The Jab Down?

In this clip I teach you how find proper punching range with your jab, and to use it as a offesive and defensive weapon!

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