Welcome to the footwork section! In this section you will have access to videos, articles and interviews that will have you floating like a butterfly so you can sting like a bee! You will also learn about the forgotten art of using angles.

Learn How To Use The Ladder for Amazing Footwork!

In this clip my fighters demonstrate several ladder drills that'll give you much quicker and nimble feet.

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Wanna Increase the Intensity Of Your Footwork Drills? Try This Out.

Often times the promoter of boxing shows will use a punchers ring mat to generate more action. It's a very thick ring mat that you literally sink into to prevent you from running all night. The mat is also called a punchers mat cause you can sink and set into it for more power. Try this cool tool to shape your legs so you could go 15 rounds on this mat if you had too.

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Coach Rob Teaches Basic Footwork In The Ring.

Watch as Coach Rob teaches you how to move in the ring.

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Improve Your Punching Stance With This.

Proper punching stance is everything in boxing. Master proper foot spacing and distance with this great training tool.

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Boxing...It all starts from the ground up.

Boxing indeed starts from the ground up so when discussing boxing technique we must begin here. In this brief article I will discuss proper punching stance. You can't build a house on a lousy foundation. You certainly can't build any proper punching technique off a lousy punching stance.

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