Strength Training

Welcome to the Strength Training section. You will have access to videos, articles, programs, and interviews that will teach you how to get strong and improve your performance while decreasing the chance of injury. We put the myth lifting heavy weights makes you slow to rest here!

A Unique Exercise To Train The Posterior Chain.

This is a great exercise to train the posterior chain while also training the core and low back stability.

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Dynamic Chin Up With Weight Vest.

The chin up is a great and under used uper body strength exercise that can also be used as a dynamic ( speed ) exercise. Watch how.

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Atomic Pushup.

The atomic push-up is a kick ass way to improve strength in the push pattern, improve core strength, and hip flexor strength while improving stability all at the same time! This is true training economy and exercises like this must be in your training!

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Kettle Bell Box Step Up.

Unilateral exercises should make up a lot of your boxing strength training program. The box step up is an awesome unilateral exercises to strengthen the posterior chain which is essential for increasing punching power. Watch this clip to view proper form and important training tips when using this exercise.

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Inverted Row Using Rings.

This is a great exercise to strengthen the lats and shoulder girdle musculature which will lead to improvement in power, and decrease in injuries.

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