Shadow Boxing

Welcome to our shadow boxing section! Here you will have access to videos, articles, workouts, and interviews teaching you the best ways to maximize your shadow boxing.

Shadow Boxing With The Right Hand

Coach Rob Teaches How To Shadow Box With The Right Hand.

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Shadow Boxing With The Jab

Coach Rob Teaches How To Shadow Box With The Jab.

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The Lead Hook

The Lead Hook, thrown with the lead hand (left-hook for Orthodox boxers, right-hook for Southpaws) is one of the most effective weapons in a fighters arsenal. Thrown across a short distance to the target, and coming into target through your opponent’s peripheral vision, it can be a devastating shot. Fighters with great left hooks include Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazer, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones and Shane Mosley, to mention a few.

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The Jab

There are many sayings in boxing concerning the jab. One I saw on a wall in a gym in New York was “A good right hand can take you round the block, a good jab can take you round the world.” My favorite I heard from the forth-right British Promoter Frank Maloney “If you can’t jab, you can’t fight.” Blunt and to the point, and in my opinion very accurate. The jab is the foundation stone of your boxing; it sets up your punches, keeps your opponent off balance, and is the shot with the longest range in your arsenal.

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