Heavy Bag Training

Welcome to our heavy bag training section! The heavy bag is for punching power and endurance. Learn how to utilize different combos and techniques on the heavy bag with our training videos, articles, and workouts.

Perfecting Your Puches With The Body Snatcher Bag

Learn how to rip and perfect body shots and upper cuts on the body snatcher bag!

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Working Angles on The Heavy Bag.

Watch Pro mma fighter Luke Zachrich work angles on the heavy bag.

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MMA Heavy Bag Boxing Striking Workout.

This is a very good drill that mma fighters must use to stay sharp and work take down defense on the heavy bag.

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Female Heavy Bag Workout.

Watch Ron Lipton teach his female student how to kill the heavy bag!

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Learn How to Rip Upperuts On The Uppercut Bag!

Coach Rob teaches you how to work the most neglected punch in boxing on the uppercut bag. The uppercut when thrown right ends fights quick! Master how to throw it.

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