Heavy Bag Training

Welcome to our heavy bag training section! The heavy bag is for punching power and endurance. Learn how to utilize different combos and techniques on the heavy bag with our training videos, articles, and workouts.

4 Punch Heavy Bag Combo

Coach Rob teaches you the 4 punch heavy bag combo.. Left Hook To The Body, Left hook To The Head, Straight Right, Left Hook To The Head.

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Five Punch Heavy Bag Combo

Coach Rob teaches you the 5 punch heavy bag combo... Jab, Right Hand, Left Hook, Right Hand, Left Hook.

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The Jab

There are many sayings in boxing concerning the jab. One I saw on a wall in a gym in New York was “A good right hand can take you round the block, a good jab can take you round the world.” My favorite I heard from the forth-right British Promoter Frank Maloney “If you can’t jab, you can’t fight.” Blunt and to the point, and in my opinion very accurate. The jab is the foundation stone of your boxing; it sets up your punches, keeps your opponent off balance, and is the shot with the longest range in your arsenal.

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