Punch Mitt Training

Welcome to our punch Mitt Training section! Learn how to master the punch mitts with our training videos and articles. The punch mitts are an amazing tool when used correctly. Don't play patty cake with them like everyone else.. Instead learn how to use them the right way.

Learn How To Slip And Counter The Jab On The Punch Mitts

Coach Rob and Devin Demonstrate how to slip and counter off the jab using the punch mitts. So you can make a fighter miss... Then make him or her PAY!

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How To add defensive techniques with the punch mitts.

Coach Rob demonstrates how to add some defensive techniques while working offense on the punch mitts.

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How Not To Play Patty Cake With The Punch Mitts.

Coach Rob and pro boxer Nune Molina demonstrate how to work the mitts while NOT playing patty cake with them.

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Hooking Off The Jab With The Punch Mitts.

Coach Rob teaches how to hold the punch mitts while teaching hooking off the jab. 

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