Punch Mitt Training

Welcome to our punch Mitt Training section! Learn how to master the punch mitts with our training videos and articles. The punch mitts are an amazing tool when used correctly. Don't play patty cake with them like everyone else.. Instead learn how to use them the right way.

In Fighting Drill With The Body Shield.

In fighting is a lost art and many fighters make the mistake of not making a fighter pay when they try to hold, learn how to rip into your opponent with this body sheild drill!

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Pro Mma Fighter Offense/Defense Pad Workout.

Watch and learn how Pro Mma fighter and heavyweight contender Jason Riley works on head movement and cutting angles on the pads. Jason is fresh off a second rnd KO in Youngstown Ohio and owes a lot of that win to his improved striking offense and defense.

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1 Check 2-1 Combo.

Here's a great combo I use with my pro mma fighters to keep their opponents out of rhythm.




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Mma Striking with The Body Shield.

Watch how Pro mma fighter Luke Zachrich and I work on body head combos on the punch mitts and body shield.

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1-2-3- Step Back 4-5 Combo

Use this to combo to set a trap for a HARD 4-5 combo.

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