Welcome to the footwork section! In this section you will have access to videos, articles and interviews that will have you floating like a butterfly so you can sting like a bee! You will also learn about the forgotten art of using angles.

The Stance: Balance and Flow

In most sports unless you have the correct foundations, you will never be able to develop the full potential of your skills. In boxing the foundations are your stance. The way you stand will govern how much scope you have in your movement and how much power you can generate in your punches. The main thing your stance needs to give you is balance and a controlled flow of movement. Balance and flow are the key to good boxing skill, and it all comes from the feet!

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Ring Movement

You often hear the phrase used “They could have had the fight in a phone booth”, and it is commonly taken to mean the two fighters went toe-toe and slugged it out. Classic examples of this type of fighting are Corrales-Castillio I and Duran-Barkley. It often happens when two fighters with come-forward aggressive styles meet and neither wants to move backwards.

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