Sparring/Defensive Drills

Welcome to the sparring and Defensive Drills Section! Here you will have access to videos and articles teaching how to maximize your sparring while emphasizing forgotten and overlooked techniques.

Defining Gym Wars and why they shorten boxing careers.

Coach Rob defines what gym wars are and why to avoid them if you want to enjoy a long boxing career.

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Inside The Ring: Inside The Mind Of A Fighter.

Your nerves can get the best of you before and during a fight, learn how two former champinions mentally prepped for fight night so you don't fight the fight before it begins!

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Master Parrying The Jab With The Parrying Drill.

Learn how to properly parry punches while taking a fighters jab away with the parrying drill.

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Pre Sparring Drills... Slipping The Jab and Right Hand.

This drill is a must if you want to master slipping the jab and right hand. Don't wait till sparring to learn how. Learn how in this pre sparring drill.

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How To Work Defense On The Double End Bag.

Coach Rob teaches how to properly slip with the double end bag. Rob also shows what mistakes many make while slipping with it. Pay attention so you don't make the same mistakes!

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