Strength Training

Welcome to the Strength Training section. You will have access to videos, articles, programs, and interviews that will teach you how to get strong and improve your performance while decreasing the chance of injury. We put the myth lifting heavy weights makes you slow to rest here!

Your primal pattern boxing strength training guide.

Coach Rob breaks down the primal movement patterns of boxing and how to strength train using them for better transfer and fighting performance.

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Get the Muscle Endurance to go 15 Rounds with these two Band Movements.

Coach Louie Simmons discusses as Coach Rob Pilger demonstrates using these movements with jump stretch bands to get the muscle endurance to be able fight for 15 rounds! Why train muscle endurance with weights? You won't after watching this clip.

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Louie Simmons Demonstrates How To keep Your Hands Strong With This Very Unique Exercise.

Learn how to keep your money makers strong so you don't suffer from brittle hand syndrome that plagues many fighters. Coach Louie Simmons shows you how!

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Jim "Smitty" Smith Demonstrating Reactive Rows.

Smitty performs then lists the benifits and ways to modify reactive rows. Learn why you must use them in your training.

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Louie Simmons Shows You How To Keep Your Shoulders Healthy and Strong With This Press.

The ever so innovative Coach Louie Simmons demonstrates how to keep your shoulders strong and injury free by adding these to the barbell press.

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