Strength Training

Welcome to the Strength Training section. You will have access to videos, articles, programs, and interviews that will teach you how to get strong and improve your performance while decreasing the chance of injury. We put the myth lifting heavy weights makes you slow to rest here!

Wanna get strong without lifting weights...Try this exercise.

Learn how to use blast strap push ups to get strong and stronger using a mini band to accommodate the resistance.

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Q/A...Coach Jamie Hale's Secrets For Strength/Conditioning Fighters.

Coach Jamie Hale of gives his thoughts on strength/conditioning boxers.

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Part #1 Q/A with Elite Strength/Conditioning Coach Alwyn Cosgrove... Strength Training For Fighters.

My good friend and fellow strength/condition coach Alwyn Cosgrove kindly took the time for this cant' miss extensive Q/A on strength training for boxers. Learn the mthys, what's overlooked, and what you can do to bring your boxing to a new level. Read on as Alwyn holds NOTHING back!

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Q/A With World Renown Strength/Conditioning Coach Mike Boyle.

Mike Boyle talks about how he trains fighters for better performance. Read on as Coach Boyle gives his take on what works and what's a waste of time.

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