Conditioning/Circuit Training

Welcome to the Conditioning/Circuit Training section! Here you will have access to cutting edge videos, articles, programs, and interviews that will get you in shape like never before. Why run 5-8 miles a day when you can use these proven and unorthodox techniques?

How To Work Your Upper Body While Conditioning With The Sled .

Coach Louie Simmons shows you how to work your upper body while conditioning with these upper body movements. Think you need a lot of time to get a lot done?... Think again!

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Cosgrove Talks Conditioning.

Alwyn Discusses what conditioning methods work best and why. Learn when to plan, how to plan to peak. **** Sample workouts included! With sets, reps, and rest periods.

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Guy Jones explains why traditional roadwork is a waste of time...Personally I can't believe fighters still do roadwork!

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Get in shape fast with jump rope intervals.

Watch and learn how to perform jump rope intervals in your training for quickly improved conditioning.


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Coach Louie Simmons shows you how to take your conditioning to new heights with sled hybrids

The sled is an awesome tool for increasing gpp... Coach Louie Simmons teaches how to do hybrid exercises with the sled for even better KICK ASS results!

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