Plyometric/Explosive Training

Welcome to our plyometric/explosive power section! Here you will have access to training videos, articles and interviews that will get you as explosive as possible!


Develop Explosive Rotational Power with the Tornado Ball!

Coach Rob teaches you how to use the tornado ball to develop explosive ko core power!

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KO Wall Pull

Giles Wiley teaches you how to develop frightening KO POWER fast with this awesome exercise.

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How To Train For Explosive Power In A Fatigued State.

Cem Eren shows you how he trains fighters for explosive power and reflexes while fatigued... Just like in a fight, you often have to call on power when DOG tired.. Now you can learn how to attain this reserve.

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How to progress into lower body plyometric power training.

The purpose of this article is to give you some basic beginner guidelines on what plyometrics are and how to add true plyometrics in your own training...properly.

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Coach Louie Simmons talking strength, power, and conditioning for fighters...Part 1

Coach Louie Simmons discusses what strength, power, and conditioning methods he likes to use when training fighters.

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