Welcome to our flexibility/Dynamic warm up section. In this section you have access to proven flexibility/dynamic warm up programs that will keep you injury free and as mobile as possible while improving your performance!

Hip Flexor Stretch

Coach Joe Rossi demonstrates how to stretch the hip flexors. The hip flexors are often the most tight muscle region in the body, learn how to stretch them effectively for improved fighting performance.

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5 minutes towards improved flexibility/mobility? Giles shows you how!

Flexibility and Mobility expert Giles Wiley teaches you how to improve your flexibility and mobility under 5 minutes. Now there's no more excuses to avoid this vital training!

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A great way to statically stretch the lats for improved performance.

The lats if neglected are a typical problem child muscle of a boxer. They contribute to the forward head, pronated shoulder posture that an experienced boxer displays. Keep proper length tension in the lats for improved performance with this stretching exercise.

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Stretch the commonly tight medial shoulders with this stretching exercise.

Tight medial shoulders of a boxer create shoulder pronation. This inhibits great performance and can lead to injury due to the imbalance in the shoulder.  Address and correct this very common imbalance with this stretching exercise.

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Increase Mobility In The Hips and Low Back With This Exercise.

Keeping the hips and low back healthy are key to optimum performance. Using this mobility exercise accomplishes that.

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