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Medicine Ball Push-ups and Plyo Bench Throws
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TOPIC: Medicine Ball Push-ups and Plyo Bench Throws

Medicine Ball Push-ups and Plyo Bench Throws 10 years, 4 months ago #52

  • Steve
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I have been training with weights for years, but I am relatively new when it comes to performance training. After picking through this site for excersises, I recently revamped my training routine, adding some new stuff and getting rid of things I have been doing for years. I elimimnated the standard bench press as everyone seems to agree that it doesn't have much of a cary-over to striking. I added plyo bench throws and medicine ball push-ups. I was skeptical about the med ball push-ups, looking at the excersie, I didn't see the big deal. After being in the gym and doing it, all I can say is whoa! For anybody who hasn't tried them yet, it is one of the best new excersises I have done in a while. After researching, there are many different techniques, some basic and many of them more advanced. The method I settled on was doing a set of 20, while alternating hands every 5 reps. I started with my left hand on the ball, right hand on the ground, and feet about shoulder width apart. After 5 push-ups, I dropped to my hands, switched the ball to the right hand. Doing that for 20 reps and a total of 4 sets had me drained! Also, I perform plyo bench throws on the smith machine. They are performed almost like the basic bench, however the key is to release the bar at the top of the movement, throwing it, and then catching and bringing it down. The important part is to explode as soon as the bar reaches your chest. Like I said, for anyone new or for anyone wanting to change things up, I highly recommend these two excersises. Thanks Rob and crew for helping me establish an effective routine. I'm looking forward to more articles on plyometrics.

Re:Medicine Ball Push-ups and Plyo Bench Throws 10 years, 4 months ago #55

  • Rob Pilger
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Steve, Really the bench press isn't a bad general exercise in some cases and depending on the persons structure also ways of performing a horizontal press. ( **** Check out the new video in the strength training department of Louie Simmons demonstrating an interesting and effective press.) It is a general exercise though in preparing fighters. Try performing push ups with your hands on a swiss ball and then with your hands on the ground and your feet on the swiss ball. There is no need to train with 4 sets when performing high reps like 20. Keep the sets at 1-2.

Be careful with the explosive smith bench throw. Secretive strength coach Jay Schroeder popularized this exercise and a contraption which allowed you to do this with less risk of injury.

I like the release aspect of it but for safer and still very effective power development perform med ball chest throws against a wall or rebounder. You have to be VERY careful with some of these exotic exercises as they are meant for athletes displaying high training preparedness, training age.

Keep in mind your training age and back ground when applying certain means and training tools in your training.

Simple things done very well go along way bro.
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