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TOPIC: sparring

sparring 8 years, 5 months ago #212

so i have just started boxing recently like a month ago and i been sparring and i have been doing ok but there are these two guys at my gym who have been boxing for years one of them is already an amatuer and has been in the ring and it is clear to see tht he has more skill then me and footwork since i just started and it seems like they both have it out for me ....they dont box they r brawlers ...and the thing about this is why i have to spar with them is because im gonna look like an amatuer agiamst avergage people in the gym but agianst the more experince guys i look like a human punching bag ....and the coach always says use your height use your reach but he never tought me any footwork or how to slip while the other guys im sparring are just hitting me frm all angels.....wht should i do rob

im 6ft3 197 pounds and i know im not a heavyweight im body says it but my mind and soul knows im not

Re:sparring 8 years, 5 months ago #213

  • Rob Pilger
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D, you need to finad another gym because that is some bullshit for more experieced fighters to be doing that to you. That shit doesn't fly at my gym and many coaches gyms who know HOW to develop fighters.

Sit down with your coach and discuss this with him and if he won't listen go to another gym and watch how they run their sparring sessions to see if that's the gym for you, a gym that knows HOW to develop fighters.

Please keep me updated and let me know if you need anything else.

Good luck!
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