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Whirlpool vs. cold bath
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TOPIC: Whirlpool vs. cold bath

Whirlpool vs. cold bath 10 years, 3 months ago #63

  • Iron Mike
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Hey Coach Rob-

Can you tell me when is it right to use whirlpool and when to to focus on cooling? I ask because years ago I had read about using hot tub after a hard workout as a way of decreasing next day muscle soreness. I tried it when I had access to a hot tub and it seemed to work well.

Now I have seen fighters actually take an ice bath after a work out. I have to say that I don't have the nerve to sit in a bath full of ice water. I suppose if I were a pro I'd do whatever it takes. What are your thoughts on hot tubs and ice baths on recovery after a workout?

Re:Whirlpool vs. cold bath 10 years, 3 months ago #64

  • Rob Pilger
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Iron Mike, Check out the recovery department, I explain how to use contrast showers in it to speed recovery. If your in a hot tub just take an ice pack over the are you are sore. The effective is the same as the contrast showers. Hell, if you would want to be insane enough to have and sit in a tub of ice water next to a whirlpool that would work really well...

So yes, I like contrast showers or hot tubs with ice rubs after intense training.

Re:Whirlpool vs. cold bath 8 years, 10 months ago #193

  • Brent
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Iron Mike. I LOVE ICE BATHS!!!! Let me tell you why...

Training (both in the ring and in the weight room) causes micro-trauma. Tissue is damaged and MUST heal quickly. In the same practice as applying ice to a sprained ankle or swollen elbow, sitting in a cold tub of approx. 62-65 degrees for 8-12 minutes results in vaso-constriction (constriction of blood vessels). The flushing of blood from the swollen tissue promotes healing and reduces swelling.

YES, getting in really hurts for a few minutes until you go numb then my athletes typically want to stay in as long as I will let them. 12 min max in my book, before you reach a point of diminishing returns.

Ice Bath 2x per week = faster recovery and healthier athletes as well as promotes mental toughness.
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