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Pacquiao-Hatton:Team Boxingperformance.com Picks.
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TOPIC: Pacquiao-Hatton:Team Boxingperformance.com Picks.

Pacquiao-Hatton:Team Boxingperformance.com Picks. 9 years, 1 month ago #168

  • Rob Pilger
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Rob Pilger:
Pacquiao KO 9th round. Too much speed, movement, and consistent power from Manny leaves Hatton frustrated and Ko’d. A more in depth reasoning of my pick here. robpilger.com/2009/04/my-take-on-pacquiao-vs-hatton/

Alwyn Cosgrove www.alwyncosgrove.com

I may be picking with my heart and not my head.
Pac destroyed Oscar.
Oscar and Floyd were close
Floyd destroyed Hatton.

But math doesn't exist in boxing !
I think Hatton's raw attacking style will negate Manny's obvious speed advantages.
I think it'll be Ricky's night.

Ricky Hatton by TKO

Ron Lipton www.ronliptononline.com:
I go with Hatton on this one.That being said, we will see the pattern of this fight emerge very quickly. For me I am looking for how Manny handles Ricky pressing him. If Ricky is missing many of his punches and Manny lands more, Hatton could be in trouble. I see Hatton roughing Manny up and stunning him with the hook. I go with Hatton on paper right now. That could change within the first 3 rounds after I see how accurate Ricky is as far as landing anything on the smaller man. If he can’t hit him he will lose, if the ref lets Hatton fight his Jake Lamotta type fight, he can win if he is landing. Hatton by late round stoppage.

John Houston southmoretonboxingclub.com
Many people over in the UK are picking Hatton to defy the odds and get the win over Pacquiao. To make a case for Hatton you have to say that since stepping up from Super-Feather, Pacquiao has fought only once at Lightweight and then the De La Hoya victory, at Welterweight, flattered to deceive and made Pac-man look great against a weakened and weight drained opponent. Now he steps in with a man undefeated at 10st and who is tremendously strong at that weight.

The argument runs therefore that Pacquiao is un-tested at 10st and is fighting a genuinely bigger and stronger man. This may be true, but on the other side of the argument, Pacquiao has come through these type of tests before. I also see him as a fighter fully in his prime, whereas Hatton has never really re-captured the amazing intensity he brought to his title winning victory over Koysta Tzyu in 2005. Also Hatton has always been troubled by Southpaws and, much as I would love a Hatton victory, I see Pacquio prevailing by stoppage around the eighth round. Cuts may well be a factor in this fight as well, with Pac-Mans speed and lacerating punches and Hattons tendency to cut.

Brain Fernie www.tod-coaching.co.uk
This is a hard decision my heart tells me I should back Ricky as he is British and as a boxer his record is second to none, his last fight in 2008 started a bit shaky but the he always does in the first round. I have been watching his blog and training wise he seems to have his head in the right place. His technique has become more refined over the years and P4P I think he still is one of the best fighters in the world.

Over to Pacquiao my head says he will win as he is the best P4P fighter in the world holding 4 titles in separate weight divisions. Again looking at his record and training he is up for it and there is no doubt feels he has a lot to prove. His technique is well refined and a lot of his time is taken up perfecting it through sparring.

My prediction is one hell of a fight with both fighters ready to take it to the wire to prove they are the best

Hatton on decision.

Luke Clavert BoxingCapital.com
Despite many pundits believing Hatton will be soundly beaten by Pacquiao, I disagree. Hatton will be in the shape of his life for this fight and provided he can avoid the stinging left hand of the Filipino, I see him overcoming some sticky patches before wearing Pacquiao down in the later rounds and putting himself at the top of the boxing tree. Come on Ricky, you really can do it. Hatton by late stoppage!

Bill Tancredi This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Hitman will have to be supremely accurate to have a chance in this fight. Hatton’s best chance is to turn the fight into a brawl, but I think Pacquiao is too well-trained and way too fast to let that happen. Hatton has got to know that he needs to get out fast against Pac-Man so the first few rounds should be very exciting. Hatton showed that he was susceptible to an active and accurate puncher in his loss to Mayweather; and while Hatton will almost certainly be in better shape for this fight than he was against Pretty Boy Floyd I still consider Pacquiao to be faster, better conditioned, and better trained. Pacquiao by Decision.

Joe Rossi www.yesstraining.blogspot.com

Manny Pacquiao is the better fighter going into this fight and he is the better fighter period. He is someone that breaks you down and keeps coming at you. He is always moving and always throwing punches. He is fast as hell and is hard to catch. You better be ready to fight because Manny always is.

The underdog perspective here is that if Ricky Hatton wants to win this fight, he is going to have to match Manny’s speed. He has to catch Manny and use his strength as I believe Ricky is the stronger fighter out of the two. What good is Ricky’s strength if he can’t catch Manny? I’m not sure if Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s attempt to make Ricky a faster puncher will happen over night. We have all seen the legendary Mayweather pad work that Floyd Sr. is implementing with Ricky on HBO 24/7, but I am not sure it is enough. It is a lot different when someone is punching back at you. Ricky will need to stick to the game plan and not fall back into old habits and stand there to be punched. If Hatton is faster, then he needs to use it and beat Manny to the punch. I don’t want to make this seem like Hatton is a slow fighter, but I believe Manny is in another league when it comes to speed. If Hatton can utilize better footwork and show off faster hands, I believe he has a chance. You always have a chance!

With the above being said, I have Manny Pacquiao winning by TKO in the later rounds no matter how good Ricky looks. Manny is a ferocious fighter and I see Ricky Hatton slipping into old habits when he encounters Manny’s speed and tenacity. Although Ricky is stronger and may have improved his hand speed, Manny will still be faster and will get off first. It will only be a matter of time before it becomes too much for Hatton.
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