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Stretching for improved punching power?
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TOPIC: Stretching for improved punching power?

Stretching for improved punching power? 8 years, 5 months ago #208

  • Iron Mike
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Coach Rob:

I genetically have pretty good punching power and adequate strength when it comes to weights. I feel as though this ability and extra effort in the weight room is not transcending through the mits and that i'm not meeting my full potential. I can't seem to turn my hips or use my core when throwing my punches. Would stretching help me achieve that inherent power? If so, what type of stretching should i be concerned with? Upper body? Lower body?

Thanks for the advice Coach.


Re:Stretching for improved punching power? 8 years, 5 months ago #209

  • Joe Rossi
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I know this was directed to Coach Rob as I know he will respond too.
Stretching the muscles of the body that are tight will have a direct positive affect on your body's ability to move and perform better. What does this mean??? Make upper and lower body flexibility a part of your training. Stretch the muscles of the upper and lower body frequently during the training week. Without knowing you, but knowing a fighters posture, I would stretch the chest, lats, and biceps of the upper body. For the lower body, start stretching your calves, quads, hip-flexors, and gluteals (ass). This would be a good start. Become more flexible where you are not and you will then see punches and overall performance improve. Hope this helped Jordan,
Joe Rossi

Re:Stretching for improved punching power? 8 years, 5 months ago #211

  • Rob Pilger
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mobility work that includes movement prep of the core, hips, is needed along with static stretches of the lats and medial shoulder rotators. There's plenty of exercises in the flexibility/mobility department. You'll get far more mobile and flexible the more you do them so do them.
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